Three very exciting iOS announcements from Apple at WWDC 2014

Yesterday’s keynote from Apple was one of the most exciting for developers for a long time. There was an array of exciting toolkit and feature announcements coming in iOS 8. For us though, three clearly stood out amongst a range of the other security, health app and OS X Yosemite additions.

Metal. Metal has been written by Apple to allow games manufacturers a 10x rendering increase over the current iOS graphics technology OpenGL. Exciting stuff. The demo that Epic gave was beautiful, such graphical enhancements could really distinguish iOS from Android. This huge jump now brings Appleā€™s mobile graphics in line with some of the latest games consoles. This could easily sway many users away from Android in future.

Second for us came CloudKit. At Toffee Byte, we have previously used both custom handling and also a service known as Parse to handle iPhone app communication with a client’s database. CloudKit throws a completely new hosting and handling method into the mix, is developed by Apple and for most will be free. CloudKit will reduce the time and cost of bringing new apps to market.

Finally, Apple announced a new programming language named ‘Swift’. It looks modern and fresh and we will be giving our own opinion in the weeks to come.