Public Beta testing for Apple OS X Updates

Apple took a cue from its competitor Microsoft and started a beta trial version of its personal computer operating system.  Apple is now allowing anyone to download and install this trial beta version of OS X 10.9.3. Normally such beta trials are reserved for developers and designers but Apple opened this pre-trial version to everyone and gave everyone who was interested in the trial a chance to see the upcoming update to OS X Mavericks. Apple did this once before in 2000 and allowed the public to obtain beta versions of their OS and charged $29.95 for access to the beta version of that OS X system. Since that public release in 2000, only registered web designers and developers who are paying £99 annually are able to access Apple beta programs. Apple is calling this the “OS X Beta Seed Program” and to access the beta trial, Apple requires only an active Apple ID and agreement to a set of terms-and-conditions. Toffee Byte uses Mavericks when developing native iOS apps for clients. Native apps often offer the best solution for those moving into the mobile app arena.