Google Maps API Used in Interactive World Wide Map

When used in moderation and in the right places, interactive content can add a little extra to any website. This week we provided Google Maps API development to Pager Power in order to add an interactive map to their website. By using this map, a user can hover over certain countries to view further information about the work done in that country.

In order to provide a cost effective, timely and low maintenance solution, a package was purchased
from Code Canyon to provide part of the JavaScript used. Bespoke coding and backend work was then required to integrate this and the remainder of the page. By using resources such as Code Canyon, as well as open source projects, we can provide great solutions at affordable prices to our clients.

Toffee Byte has vast experience in highly technical projects involving areas such as complex Mathematics, Geometry, Geography, mapping and search APIs. We love getting into such projects and would love to hear about yours.