When distributing applications on the desktop these days an installer is pretty much expected from the end user. Luckily over the last decade the continued rise in open source and freeware projects has seen the number of easy to development with choices increase. NSIS and Inno Setup are examples of projects holding good reputations but […]

We’ve been following Bitcoin’s (and Altcoins) for a while now and with them currently hitting mainstream news as an almost weekly occurrence we thought we would give some of our own thoughts on these technologies. Bitcoins are a peer to peer payment system and payment currency that date back to 2009. They are known as […]

It’s not often that something hidden away in a product impresses this much, but so far the Visual Studio 2012 profiler has been near perfect in helping us speed up client applications. Profilers are used by developers to get a breakdown of where time is being taken in an application. Sometimes they are not required, […]

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