When used in moderation and in the right places, interactive content can add a little extra to any website. This week we provided Google Maps API development to Pager Power in order to add an interactive map to their website. By using this map, a user can hover over certain countries to view further information about the work […]

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When distributing applications on the desktop these days an installer is pretty much expected from the end user. Luckily over the last decade the continued rise in open source and freeware projects has seen the number of easy to development with choices increase. NSIS and Inno Setup are examples of projects holding good reputations but […]

We’ve been following Bitcoin’s (and Altcoins) for a while now and with them currently hitting mainstream news as an almost weekly occurrence we thought we would give some of our own thoughts on these technologies. Bitcoins are a peer to peer payment system and payment currency that date back to 2009. They are known as […]

For those who haven’t heard of it before, the Yahoo! BOSS Search API is provided by Yahoo to enable developers to build products that can use the data from Yahoo’s search directory. Use of the API isn’t free, but with 1000 searches for their most detailed offering costing approximately 52p, there is plenty of scope […]

Toffee Byte are pleased to announce that we have secured a year long contract to provide Pager Power with Microsoft .NET consultancy services. Pager Power provide assistance to a wide range of industry sectors through both offline assistance and in more recent years via their online reporting platform. Through Pager Power’s online interface their customers […]

If you’ve upgraded your server over the last 4 or 5 years then there’s a good chance that the processor(s) contain multiple cores. Multiple cores allow tasks within an application to be ‘split up’ and run in parallel. By running in parallel tasks do not have to wait for the previous one to finish before […]

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